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    Whenever you need an industrial blade,HUAXIN CARBIDE is on call to help.We are a specialist cutting blade manufacturer headquartered in Sichuan,China .With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the cutter blade business,we have full capabilities to customize your OEM solution as per samples,technical drawings ,sketch ,or simply written specifications ,Whatever you need to cut,metal,leather,wood,packaging,rubber,or texitiles,tobaccos,you are sure to find something valuable here,including likes of slitting blade, machine knives/blades,cutting blade,and so on.

    carbide knives1.jpg

    Address:Buda road ,Peng town ,Shuangliu county Chengdu City,China. Fax:86-28-85848475 Email: info@hx-carbide.com
    Tel:86-28-85848475銷售(Sales) Skype :Lisa@hx-carbide.com (Sales) Q Q :1636927033
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