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    Seeking Tool Distributors &Dealers and Saw Shops

    Come Join Our Team. We welcome Distributor or dealer inquiries to resell our knives and other supplies.  We offer a full line of very high quality products and great dealer discounts.Contact info@hx-carbide.com today to compare the benifits we offer.


    OEM, Machinery and Tooling Dealers:

    We are now activly seeking marketing assistance to sell our knives and support supplies to wood working manufactures. We provide a powerful mixture of high end products at lower prices. We are looking for long term agents to promote our line of products to your list of customers.


    Many Other Areas World Wide:

    Contact us with your specific interest. We are developing new area and dealer relationships world wide. Exiting large volume woodworking knife dealers are of interest to our marketing plan. We can ship world wide at affordable prices and quicker response time.

    Address:Buda road ,Peng town ,Shuangliu county Chengdu City,China. Fax:86-28-85848475 Email: info@hx-carbide.com
    Tel:86-28-85848475銷售(Sales) Skype :Lisa@hx-carbide.com (Sales) Q Q :1636927033
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