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    Chengdu Huaxin cemented carbide Co., Ltd is a professional tungsten carbide manufacture since 2003.Its former is the Chengdu Huaxi tungsten carbide institute. Our company has strong technical force and production capacity with a group of engineering and technical personnel engaged in scientific research, development ,design, production to fulfill customers needs. Especially our dependently developed brand the “CH” series tungsten carbide are popular throughout the domestic and worldwide.

    All of our products has been granted with ISO9001-2000 quality system certification which is a approval of our top position in this industry in China.

    Our Products Range(Types):?tungsten carbide blade,corrugated knifes,?rotary cutter blade, machine knifes,scoring knife,slitting blades,round knives, disc blade, circular cutter, packaging knives, sewing machine knives, textile knives, fabric kinves blades, rubber cutter, leather kinves blades, bottom knifes, carbide razor blades, plotter blades, tungsten seal rings,Threaded nozzle etc.

    Tungsten carbide knives are widely used in the cutting of following materials:such as: Electronic circuit board, asbestos tile, as well as leather, paper, plastic film, rubber, and others in printing, package, textile, tobacco, non ferrous foil etc.

    and all kinds of Non-standard abnormity wear-resistant parts widely used in machinery metallurgical ,petro chemical ,electronics and packaging industries and so on.

    At the same time ,we also offer custom-made service and can manufacture variety types as per customers drawing or designs.

    Our entrepreneurial: Scientific ,Rigorous ,Realistic ,Innovation

    Our faith: Quality first ,Customers first, Integrity service?

    You will be satisfied with our high-quality products with reasonable price in timely delivery and perfect after-sale service.

    Welcome to contact us !


    Address:Buda road ,Peng town ,Shuangliu county Chengdu City,China. Fax:86-28-85848475 Email: info@hx-carbide.com
    Tel:86-28-85848475銷售(Sales) Skype :Lisa@hx-carbide.com (Sales) Q Q :1636927033
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